Warwick Fuller was born in 1948 and right from childhood, he felt a need to be creative. With no art training at school, the major influences were his grandfather's landscape paintings that were hanging in his home.

Warwick has a passion to convey his personal view of the landscape. At the very core of his art is the constant search to express the way he emotionally responds to the land environment. It wasn't always so. He remembers when, "I just went out and painted pictures, battling no more than the natural elements and a lack of knowledge of my tools..." It was in this environment that the notion of painting outdoors confirmed itself as the best way to capture the things he felt were important.

Soon Warwick started considering the more philosophical aspects of what and why he was painting. This in part took him from being a painter trying to copy what he saw in the landscape, to attempting to paint what he felt about the landscape. It was this change in attitude that has moved Warwick's painting forward. He has little time for the sentimental or nostalgic, seeking a truthful, albeit personal and modified interpretation of his subject.

Warwick paints from life..."I have been painting full time since 1978 and still can't compare the controlled studio induced calmness, to the thrill of painting from life with all my senses activated.."

Warwick has held numerous exhibitions in Australia and holds over 100 awards. He has also been successful with his exhibitions in the USA and Japan.
He is a Fellow of the Royal Arts Society of NSW.