Painter of Watercolours on Silk

Margaret has developed a unique technique of landscape painting on silk, a difficult and painstaking, but very effective way of bringing out brilliant colours, deep reflections and a real "feel" for the outback.

Born in New Zealand, Margaret was raised and educated in Christchurch, then Wellington. Her family have a creative background, her brothers are established singers, actors and artists in New Zealand.

Margaret's first job was a Display Artist in Wellington, and at age 18 she moved to Sydney where she went to art school at East Sydney Technical College. For some years she made a living out of portrait painting in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

Margaret has just returned to serious artwork after a long break raising a family and being 'in the workforce'.

During her time in Australia, Margaret has fallen in love with the Australian bush,, and she enjoys bringing alive the vibrant colours of our harsh rock and water landscapes.

Her silks are selling exceptionally well in exhibitions throughout NSW.

Many of her works go to large corporations and her overseas market is expanding rapidly, especially to Japan, Korea, North America and of course her native New Zealand.